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then follow these steps:

Sharon is only receiving TXT inquiries. If you proceed, please TXT Sharon a detailed message. If you are seeking EMDR THERAPY for you or a loved one, then just follow these simple steps:cellphone_512

  1. TXT Sharon at 508-341-6080.
  2. Make sure to include your name, return phone number(s),  and a brief summary of your needs.
  3. The txt is now the only way to contact Sharon. She will return your call on a best efforts basis.

Your initial consultation.

Here’s how things work, what to expect, and a little preparation work you can do. 

Once you have left Sharon your txt message and let her know what you need, she will return your call as soon as possible.  The return phone call is a no-charge assessment. This call is for and about you and the goal is to assist you in making a more informed decision. It is a critical step when starting the process with TP.During this call, she will answer any of your questions, listen to your current situation to gain better understanding, share her perspective, and explain the type of counseling she would be able to offer.  In this way you can form your plan of action and decide what to do next.  A referral or pointer to other resources may turn out to make sense. Not everyone takes the path to an office visit. If it does, you will be using your new insight to find the RIGHT EMDR THERAPIST for your situation.

On being prepared for your phone consultation:

So, it’s important to reach you and make this initial contact. Sharon will make every effort to promptly call you back. To ensure you get that return call, you have a little homework we ask you to do.

Here’s the issue: Everyone is really busy and return phone calls at unexpected times from unknown numbers can easily be ignored.

Sharon has limited times when she makes these calls in order to be able to provide ample time for the initial discussion. Phone tag will cause unnecessary delays in your reaching a plan of action.

So, as far as what to expect:

it’s really helpful to know when to expect your return call and what number the call will come from.

Typical return call times: Weekdays, before 8:00 AM or between 2 PM and 3 PM.

#’s TP return calls come from: 

  1. TP/Sharon Cell-> 508-341-6080* 
  • Take the 3 minutes 🙂 right now 🙂 to this # into your cell.
  • *No matter what your reason: do not use Sharon’s Cell # to call TP.

When an in-office visit is needed:

When an in-office appointment is determined to be the next step, there are a couple of things that will help make your experience smooth and productive with who ever you seek EMDR THERAPY with.  On the day of your appointment, we suggest you arrive 10 minutes early to fill out their intake form. The intake forms are normally on the Therapists table in their waiting room.  At your scheduled hour, your Therapist will greet you for your office visit.

We are sure that if you need EMDR THERAPY you will be able to find a qualified and trained EMDR Therapist in your area.