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Question Life’s Direction

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you experience…

  • self-blame, self-consciousness, shame, guilt, low self-esteem?
  • chronic or excessive anger, sadness or grief?
  • indecision, confusion, difficulty thinking or problem solving?
  • mood swings, negativity, pessimism, irritability?
  • marital, parental, and/or family difficulties?

Does your child…

  • have difficulty sleeping, experience nightmares?
  • have fears and/or anxiety?
  • anger easily, have low frustration tolerance?
  • have low self-esteem with negative self-talk??
  • argue with adults, display combative behavior?
  • lack focus, become easily distracted, disorganized?
  • experience difficulty in dealing with divorce or loss?


If you answered yes to these questions…>> understand & identify need