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When you identify a need…Question life’s direction…Seek to understand…Need to share…Want to change…we believe

You will always be more successful in everything you do, with timely professional guidance. Turning Point Counseling Services is a private group practice that has served families, children, adolescents, and adults in Middlesex County for over 35 years. The professionals at Turning Point are broadly trained, experienced, and committed to providing services that allow our clients to be in control of finding their own personal, life changing experiences.

Our vision is to enable each individual we work with to understand their goals and the challenges to achieve them, not only in terms of their current situation, but equally important, in view of their past. We work together to help you or your child see a new path by understanding the past in the “context” of the present. You find your own way of enlightening your journey forward. Our single purpose is to effect real change in how you handle life’s curve balls as well as life’s soft balls. In this way, you are more readily able to take a new direction that promises increased well being for you and your family.

Quote from a Business Executive: ” Innovative therapy at Turning Point opened a new widow on reality, allowing me to see a “solution” within myself. This enabled me to communicate goals more effectively. I was better able to enlist others to help us achieve our mutual goals and deliver on my vision.”

Make the commitment for positive change.  Take the time to explore how to achieve this by working with us. Let us help you turn the corner and find new direction for your life!

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