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Change-A New Direction

Do You Desire Change in a New Direction? How can this happen?fingerstring

Turning Point uses a variety of traditional therapy techniques to improve personal wellness. In addition, we specialize in using EMDR-Therapy, a proven and  innovative therapy that enables clients to access and resolve adverse life experiences. These are the critical events, sometimes “forgotten”,  that have “stolen” your sense of well being. EMDR helps adults and children more easily “see” and identify undesirable behaviors, identify origins, reduce emotional effects, shift from negative to positive cognitions about them, then permanently “kick” them out. EMDR allows the mind to instinctively adapt. As you make unexpected progress, new optimal behavior dynamically emerges allowing others to respond to you in preferred ways. Often, if asked later how you think it happened, sometimes it’s hard to articulate. We like to call this “EMDR-amnesia”. It’s nature at work, as the mind and brain heal . . . the underlying mechanism is explained in EMDR theory. What is important here is less about the theory, and more about the story, making EMDR the therapy of choice for a wider array of emotional symptoms.

Quote from Bessel van der Kolk, MD Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University:

” The speed at which change occurs during EMDR-Therapy contradicts the traditional notion of time as essential for psychological healing.”

At Turning Point, we use EMDR independently and in combination with traditional methods of therapy. Our experience has proven it’s success not only with adults but also with children and adolescents. Our protocol for children employs the creative use of symbolic discovery, story telling, and drawing in combination with EMDR-Therapy. These methods have been perfected by Sharon Schwartz, a certified EMDR therapist since 1997. Sharon teaches these techniques as part of a worldwide workshop series she gives called “The Little Voices World Tour” and in an on-line course she offers to NASW and EMDRIA professionals in her field seeking to become more EMDR savvy.

What clients are saying:

“Within two or three sessions, I resolved issues that I’d been discussing in my other therapy for more than four or five years.”  Veteran suffering from PTSD.

“I feel less worried. I am not afraid to be alone anymore.” A child suffering from nightmares.

“I felt squeezed and tight, claustrophobic…now I feel 1,000,000 times better… I feel free”. A child suffering from anxiety. See picture below from “this” to “that”:


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