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Identify & Understand Need

Seek to understand:

We enter life needing and seeking unconditional love and acceptance, but instead we encounter limitations and imperfections in ourselves and our surroundings. The opportunity for early and positive attachment is sometimes illusive.

In response to adverse life experiences, the patterns of defense we create impact our mental and emotional state, affecting our relationships for a life time. Rather than protect us, our defenses separate us from our core creativity. . . from using our innate, intuitive wisdom to develop long lasting, healthy connections. When this locks us into a pattern of fear, negativity, judgement, blame, and finger pointing, it can distance us from the ones we love and can limit our joy from the milk and honey of life.

Counseling at Turning Point is designed to help  you redirect and guide yourself through your life challenges so you can move beyond the limitations of your defenses, dissolve negative beliefs, and change repetitive/self-limiting patterns once and for all. When you take back your power, you open paths to a new present. This allows positive shifts, boosting your journey with the ones you seek to hold dear. You realize improved well being is under your control, not the control of others.

Turning Point can help children, adolescents, and adults. Our approach enables you to better resolve your emotional distress, to problem solve related life challenges, and to develop new and clearer understanding of yourself and others around you.

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