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Counseling for Children, Adults, Couples, & Families using EMDR-Therapy

Make Positive Change. . .Turn the Corner. . . and Find New Life Direction

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of COVID-19, TP COUNSELING is no longer offering EMDR Therapy. Sharon Schwartz  is refocusing her work on training in EMDR. 

If you are seeking EMDR THERAPY, Sharon recommends you use the EMDRIA resource page to locate an EMDR therapist in your area. Copy and paste this link into any browser to assist in your search: “https://www.emdria.org/find-a-therapist/”

While all of the following still apply to the benefits of seeking and experiencing EMDR therapy, they are provided here as a pointer to both other EMDR THERAPISTS as well as to individuals seeking EMDR Therapy. When you realize all of the advantages of experiencing EMDR THERAPY as opposed to alternative psycho-therapy modalities, we are sure you will find the best means to accomplish your business or personal health goals.

If you are an EMDR Therapist, then you will want to click on this link which will take you to the landing page for the course, EMDR Made Easy. This course is registered with EMDRIA International as a 6 CEU course which can be taken anywhere in the world, on-line, on-demand 24/7 from any device or platform with a web browser.

Addressing these issues for all age groups: 

  • anxiety & acute stress
  • effects of adverse life experiences
  • parenting issues
  • loss/grief
  • relational issues
  • coping skills
  • life transitions
  • post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)

Specialty in “Peak Performance” for children & adolescents…

      If your child:

  • performs below his or her ability
  • gets anxious, overwhelmed, or lacks focus
  • doesn’t finish tasks
  • lacks organization
  • fears failure
  • has negative self-talk: “I can’t do it”, “I’m stupid”

Parent Testimonial:

“Turning Point and Sharon Schwartz’s EMDR approach to helping my son overcome his anxiety about his food allergies has changed our lives. Even though my son is the only one in our family with food allergies, it impacts all of us. His anxiety was paralyzing, and eating out and traveling were very stressful; at times not possible. We tried helping him with his anxiety and panic attacks for about a year and a half using a more traditional “talk therapy/behavioral”  approach, with little improvement. However, after only one session of EMDR with Sharon, he was feeling less anxious. After three sessions, he was like a completely different family member. I wish we had sought this treatment sooner. We are so grateful to Sharon and all that this has done for our son. His epiphany was summed up when he said “now I can work my way up the food chain”. Although his food allergies and the responsibility and realities that come with it will always be part of his life, we can dine out, travel and eat away from home without his anxiety and panic. As a parent, to have something make such a noticeable and immediate improvement in your child’s life is amazing. We are so grateful.”

Our innovative “Peak Performance” program integrates EMDR-Therapy with drawing and story telling. The symbolic associations we enable allow the child to rapidly develop and retain their own new, positive cognitions. This single and unique aspect of our intervention enables the child to be less anxious. A child that feels less anxiety is more willing and confident to participate at school and in their activities. They become “unstuck”, increasingly more effective, and measurably successful as they advance.

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